About Us

Who we are

In 2011, we got our company registered in the name of Aaryan Industrial Sales Pvt. Ltd and became the importer and trader of industrial hardware such as Grinding Wheels, Carbide Tools, etc. and also got enrolled in railways for supplying the industrial hardware. In the year 2014, we got enrolled in the Ordnance Factory, which helped our company to grow financially and have a name in the market. Now in 2020, we are supplying goods to ISRO & HAL.



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Our Mission

We have a mission to connect the best people with the government sector so that they can work together to drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. Our main motive is to create the best opportunities for companies that connect with us.

Our Director’s Vision

We want every company operating in India, irrespective of its size, to produce high-quality products and sell them to government-operated companies to boost the product’s quality in the nation. The best way to contribute to the nation’s success is by delivering innovative and unique products that can create a sort of revolution in the economy.

The Government of India recently initiated a new national program named “Make in India” that facilitates the production of innovative products in the country and selling them across the nation to achieve economies of scale and spread costs over a larger volume of revenue.