Know Everything Before you Apply for the IRCTC Vendor Registration

For Micro and Small Enterprises who want to collaborate with Indian Railways to start their IRCTC Vendor Registration, you have come to the right place. Here is an easy-peasy guide explaining the conditions needed to be met and documents required in order to get Vendor Registration and Approval.

Developed by Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), the new online vendor registration has to take approval with the same. It sets out to benefit lakhs of vendors and you can become another one if you follow the guidelines cited in this article.
“So how does one become the vendor of Railways?”, you may ask.

For the uninitiated, first, you need to differentiate the kind of business you deal in or want to associate with. This becomes clearer once you head out to the official website of RDSO for the online IRCTC Vendor Registration. Prospective vendors will be presented with these four options to choose from:
  1. Civil Directorate (Bridge & Structure)
  2. Electrical Directorate(Electrical & PS&EMU)
  3. Mechanical Directorate (QA-Mech, Carriage, Wagon, Locomotive & M&C)
  4. S&T Directorate (QA-S&T, Signal & Telecom)
Then comes the part to complete the registration process, first, a vendor needs to create an account with RDSO given on their main page link.
Choose the Directorate you’re applying for and fill in the GST details. You will receive a unique reference number on the provided number and e-mail id. Your GST invoice number would be mailed to your email-id by RDSO. This is when you can proceed with the login id and password details.

Keep in mind that from the date of issue of the GST invoice, you will only get 15 days to submit all your application details and to make payments.

In the online application form, you will be asked to submit the mandatory documents which are as follows:

I. Copy of Factory license or declaration that factory license not applicable or any other document applicable for an organization/ factory
II. Copy of ISO certificate
III. Copy of latest Electricity bill
IV. Documents mentioned in para 4.0 of “doc no. QO-F-8.1-7”.

After submitting the needful documents, vendors have to send the hard copy of the original undertakings through Post. Make sure to get it done within 21 days failing which it is subject to rejection.


Once the IRCTC Vendor Registration application and payment go past the verification, a field assessment will be carried out by the nominated officer. He will then assess the quality and capability of the vendor’s business which gets followed by the sample testing. The tentative list of charges for different items is mentioned in this Item list.
In case the inspection of testing results came negative, the vendor has to re-register and re-submit samples with testing charges again. If the sample testing is approved, then the registration will be qualified to be included in the List of Approved Vendors following the ISO apex document fulfillment for the Vendor Approval process.

Hopefully, you get to learn the crucial aspect of getting the registration done in the correct manner. Commence now!

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